YouTube App Gets New Features

Google has once again updated its YouTube app, making it easier to share videos with others and chat with them within the app itself.
YouTube announced the update on a blog post on Monday. The new features are, however, for now limited to mobile devices only. As a part of the update, YouTube users will now see a new in-app messaging feature. Users will be able to share videos in the messaging app and chat just like they do in any other app, using texts and emoticons. This also makes it possible to share videos without leaving the app. Besides sharing the videos in the chat, users also get the option to like the chat sent by others.
“Not only people can share and receive videos in the app, users can also chat about them right on YouTube, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation, and more.

YouTube recently started allowing its YouTube Red members download music from the YouTube Music service for offline access for up to 30 days.
Users will find a new save offline option under the Menu icon, after which they are given the choice to save just the audio, SD video or HD video. Offline access to music was earlier enabled through offline mixtape feature. YouTube Music which was announced alongside YouTube Red is compatible both with Google’s Android system and Apple iOS.

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