Your Data Is Never Deleted

Looking for a potential customer to sell your cell phone or planning to get a new phone through attractive exchange offer? Wait for a minute as your private life may become public due to your lack of unawareness.

Cyber experts have pointed out, that the “deleted” data from the cell phones can be retrieved within a few minutes.
Mr Sandeep Sengupta, CEO, Indian School of Ethical Hacking says, customers think that information has been expunged from the cell phone by pressing the delete button, but it takes few moments for cyber experts to get back the data which may contain extremely secret and intimate moments of your life.

He further suggested, the best and perhaps only option is to overwrite the data, which can erase all the stored information.

He also said, the same theory applies to laptops and other used gadgets being sold after use. The cyber expert has also suggested several softwares, such as ‘lookout’ and others which can be installed to recover cell phones after being lost or in case of theft.

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