You May Know When You’re Going To Die

Believe it or not! A super computer developed in the US can predict the likelihood of a person’s death with almost 100 per cent accuracy.
The machine, installed at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, draws on the data of more than 250,000 people collected over a period of 30 years to make speedy diagnoses.
The machine’s ability to speedy disease recognition could potentially save lives as well as predict patients’ imminent demise, the report added.

Steve Horng, a doctor at the hospital said, the goal is not to replace the clinician. The artificial intelligence is really about the augmenting of doctors’ ability to take care of patients.
How the system works?
Patients at the hospital are linked up to the super computer which collects and analyses data about their condition every three minutes, measuring everything from oxygen levels to blood pressure to give doctors everything the doctor needs to know about the patient. When the computer says no, doctors can predict with 96 per cent confidence when patients may die.

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