Yahoo To Stop User Access Of Its Services Via Facebook, Google IDs

Yahoo Inc has decided to stop allowing consumers access its various online services, including Fantasy Sports and photo-sharing site Flickr, by signing-in with their Facebook Inc or Google Inc credentials.

The change, which will take place gradually will require users to register for a Yahoo ID in order to use any of the Internet portal’s services.

The first Yahoo service to require the new sign-in process is Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em, a service focused on the NCAA college basketball tournament which begins later this month. Last year, Yahoo announced a program to recycle inactive Yahoo user IDs, letting new users claim email addresses that have not been used for more than 12 months.
.The change to the Tourney Pick’Em sign-in process began on Monday, but users could still access other services with Google or Facebook IDs.

The sign-in buttons for Facebook and Google will eventually be removed from all Yahoo properties.


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