Marry at a right age, have children and work hard to achieve your goals with happiness!

Work life balance
Conceiving a child at an advanced age can be a risky affair, but not for those who want children to brighten up their dull lives and are ready to go to any length.

Mr Tapan Kumar Mandal and his wife Rina Mandal, who live in Jharkhand, an eastern state of India, were struck with gloom after their sixteen-year-old son died in an accident two years ago.
After overcoming the initial trauma, the couple then decided to have a second biological child.
Luckily, the 52-year-old woman still had menopause cycles and no serious ailments that might have further risked her pregnancy.

Finally, the baby was conceived through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) method. Her face shined with happiness as she gave birth to a healthy child weighing around 3.7 kg at a private hospital in Kolkata, last week.

First career, then children: Get over

Medical experts say, the case of Rina was an exception as she had lost her child and wanted to conceive again, but woman going for first pregnancy at an advanced age, say in 40’s, has become quite common.
Dr Ranjit Chattopadhyay, a senior gynecologist in Kolkata says, first the career and then the rest syndrome has been badly affecting the woman. The delay in pregnancy adds up to the complications.
Doctors say, failure of IVF technique can lead to abortion or traumatic damage to uterus when not done properly. It was further advised, the woman should conceive a child between the age of 25 to early 30’s as further delay pushes them to high risk zone.

“Marry at a right age, have children and work hard to achieve your goals with happiness, advice medical experts.”

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