Why You Should Keep Your Smartphone Well-guarded?

In today’s technology driven age, everyone is at risk to cyber attacks, but the percentage is higher for Indians. A recent report has suggested that Indians ranks a frightening second across the globe for mobile device threats. The report further mentions that Indian users rank the highest in terms of threats they receive on their devices. Cyber espionage, malware attacks and hacking attacks are the most common attack patterns that are observed. While these increasing number of attacks don’t necessarily imply that you must not keep a smartphone, but it clearly points out the importance of being extra cautious and vigilant while you make financial transactions from your smartphone.
The managing director of Kaspersky lab, ltaf Halde, suggests that one should be wary of cyber criminals because even though operate in the digital domain, but they are as intimidating as criminals in the physical world are.
“So use your mobile cleverly and be safe”

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