WhatsApp Begins With Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp will also allow you to make video calls through the app if you’ve an Android phone, for now.
Though the company hasn’t begun advertising this yet, new beta versions of its Android app come with the ability to make video calls. If you and your friend are both on the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, you will now see Video Call and Voice Call options when you hit the dialer button on top. Do note that the feature is still in early stage, so the video feed could stutter at times.
To get this feature, you will need to grab the latest beta version of WhatsApp. The company maintains an official beta testing program on Google Play, and one can sign up for it by tapping the become a tester button. Alternatively, users can also download the latest beta build of WhatsApp from third-party site APKMirror. The website offers Google-signed apps. Ensure that you snag version 2.16.318 or higher of WhatsApp.
Video calling is one of the most sought after features on WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned company has in many ways revolutionized how people text, and in recent times, how they make voice calls. Though there are a plethora of apps and services that offer video calling ability and WhatsApp getting this feature would be noteworthy because of its one-billion plus users.

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