Watch Funerals Online

Online funeral
Too busy to attend the funeral of your loved ones? An Irish company is offering to stream funerals live over the internet for mourners who are unable to attend the ceremony in person.

The online funerals, brain child of County Clare businessman Alan Foudy who claims it was the only service of its kind being offered anywhere in Ireland or the UK.

The company offers to capture every bit of memorial service which includes church services and burials. It aims to target Irish emigrants who are unable to travel home for family funerals and elderly people confined to hospitals or homes. The funeral would not come for free as the client will be charged to vie the funeral online.

Foudy said, the client can avail the service from anywhere in the world with a private web link to a live stream of a funeral service or the option of a video recording of the entire service.

Foudy came up with the idea when he was asked to make a DVD of a memorial service for mourners who could not attend their loved one’s funeral. He further said that the live stream service was password protected restricted to the customers.

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