WannaCry: Officers Asked To Use Stand-Alone Computers

Amid a cyberattack globally, the Indian government has advised all those who are working in strategic and sensitive fields to use stand-alone computers sans internet to store data and critical information.
The advisory has been sent to all those who handle sensitive desks in the ministries of home, finance, defence, external affairs and security agencies as a precautionary measure.
Earlier, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the government’s National Informatics Centre was secured and running smoothly and a cyber coordination centre will start operating from next month to take precautions against cyber attacks. India is on high alert, monitoring critical networks across sectors like banking, telecom, power and aviation to ensure that systems are protected against possible cyber attack on its vital networks by the crippling global ransomware, WannaCry.
The cyber attack has disrupted networks in over 150 countries, including Russia and the UK, and is being termed as one of the most widespread cyber attacks.
Reports suggest that over two lakh systems globally could have been infected by the malicious software that blocks access to data unless a ransom is paid.

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