Vodafone’s 2G And 3G Tariffs To Equate In Near Future

Vodafone India has announced that the 2G and 3G tariffs will coincide in the near future, though there is hardly any scope of further cut in 3G rates.

The company asserted that the 3G tariffs were 6 to 7 times higher than 2G, when it launched 3G services in 2010-11, but this difference has now come down to just 1.5 times.

Vodafone maintained that convergence will take place either by an increase in 2G rates or decrease in 3G rates while asserting that there is little scope for further cut in data rates.

The company also launched ‘Be Smart’ mobile Internet initiative, which is focussed at tapping non-3G users.

It has around 92 lakh users in Delhi and NCR and only around one-eighth of them use 3G currently. The 3G data users are growing at over 100 percent on year on year basis.

The company, which has around 25.7 percent revenue market share in Delhi and NCR, has over 4,000 3G sites in the region.

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