Vodafone Comes Up With International Roaming Pack i-RoamFREE

Vodafone India has introduced its first-ever truly unlimited international roaming proposition for travelers to USA, UAE and Singapore in its international roaming pack, Vodafone i-RoamFREE. The pack is available at very affordable price points with options at Rs 5,000 for 30-days, Rs 3,500 for 10-days, Rs 2,500 for 7-days and just Rs 500 for every 24-hours.
The telco said that customers who opt for this pack will not be charged a single additional rupee for calls and data while roaming in these 3 countries.
The offer comes with zero riders or hidden costs. There is no cap on the number of calls or amount of high speed data that can be used. Also, calls include all incoming calls and outgoing calls anywhere in the world. This means customers traveling in USA can even make calls to Hong Kong at no extra charges.
Customers in need of International Roaming service can opt for the duration that best meets their travel timeline and benefit from unmatched value, convenience and huge savings. For frequent business travelers and those with last-minute changing itineraries, a new flexible option is available wherein one can activate this pack once and automatically get the benefits whenever they travel to any of the 47 countries at Rs 500 for every 24-hour window of usage.
It is to be mentioned that Vodafone i-RoamFREE is an international roaming pack which offers home-like tariffs while roaming in 47 countries of the globe. While roaming in USA, UAE and Singapore, all calls and data are free and unlimited, benefits on international roaming in other countries include all incoming calls free, and data plus outgoing calls being nominally charged at Re 1 per MB and Rs 1 per minute respectively.

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