Use Your Mobile Calendar To Remain Happy

If your stress and unhealthy, then are a few healthy ways you can use a smart calendar app as more than just a simple date keeper:

1. Put everything in one basket
Use a smart calendar app to put everything you have to do into one, easy-to-find place and create time slots for each activity.
You can include everything from work meetings, quality time with your kids, healthy snack time as well as daily affirmations.

2. Do exercise
Understandably it’s hard to make time for exercise when you have a jam-packed schedule. Research shows that exercise can help you to be more alert. Be sure to schedule regular fitness sessions into your calendar and remind yourself to do it.

3. Preplan your schedule
Pre-plan your week schedule, be it your professional life or spending time with family and friends.
It’s equally important to carve some time for the things that ease stress and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Keep your to-do list on your digital calendar
If you have lots of small tasks to get done each week, block off 30 or 60 minutes on your calendar and challenge yourself to see how many you can knock off in that timeframe.
You can also retrieve the list easily, giving you the chance to update it at any time, and delete items off the list as you complete them.

5. Keep a gratitude journal
Show gratitude towards others. Studies have shown impressive health benefits from the simple act of writing down the things you feel grateful for in your life. Use your calendar to remind yourself to show your gratitude, appreciation and love for the people and things around you each day.

6. Relax a bit
Relax is equally important in life. Enjoy every moment of your life. Slowly build more activities into your schedule that are healthy and enjoyable to you. For example, start by spending an hour a week on a favorite hobby, or even planning a special weekend getaway.

By using a mobile calendar creatively, you can construct order even within your everyday chaos, helping you to lead a healthier, freer life.

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