Uber’s Rolls Out New Feature

In a latest development, Uber’s is now giving new ways to get to the favorite places even faster and finally saving customers from having to memorize an address ever again.
The ride hailing app just introduced some new personalization options that will allow users to fine-tune the Uber app experience, giving them the option to bookmark their most-visited locations with Saved Places. The new feature aims to make the process of ordering a car even quicker than before. The ability to access the Saved Places should be popping up now for U.S. riders on both iOS and Android, with expansion to international markets later this year.
The feature is simple to use, passengers will just have to remember that address one last time. When they on their way to one of those favorite spots, they will be able to bookmark it into the Saved Places log. The person can give the destination his own name complete with emoji to really streamline the process.
Uber says the most visited Saved Places will also begin to pop up as shortcuts on the app’s home screen at launch to streamline the hailing process. The new addition is just the latest move in a line of updates and improvements meant to keep users on the app after Uber’s disastrous string of PR nightmares. The company rolled out improved features for both riders and drivers back in March while explicitly admitting its screw-ups.

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