Uber Offers No Surprises On Fares On New Year’s Eve

Uber’s annual tip sheet to attempt to ease the onslaught of hate on surge pricing via social media, Uber recounted that the app’s upfront fares feature will offer you no surprises. Rates commonly jump to six-to-eight-times normal prices in major cities and have been chronicled to more than 10 times. And Uber predicts it will provide more than 15 million rides, up from 5 million the year prior.
In previous years, Uber showed riders how much the surge pricing affected the standard fare via a times number and would then prompt users to type in that scale. Other recommendations from Uber to avoid surprises include taking an uberPOOL, as in putting your ride in the hands of Uber’s algorithm to not only match you with a driver but also with more passengers. As Uber recently put forth in its updated community guidelines, don’t comment on someone’s appearance or ask whether they are single. Following patterns from previous years, Uber advises that fares will be the highest between midnight and 3 a.

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