Uber Is Returning Money To Passengers Who Used The Cabs After London Attack

Uber is sending a message to its passengers to use the app in times of emergency, regardless of the surge you see.
The ride-hailing giant refunded the rides of all customers who used the service during the London terror attack on Saturday within the affected areas. That included tens of thousands of passenger.
The company also said it eliminated surge pricing after finding out about the incident.
Uber has previously taken heat for allowing surge pricing during terror attacks, most notably after a bomb injured dozens of people in New York City in September 2016. Other times they have canceled surge, for instance around the Paris terror attack in November 2015.
Uber which has had a rough stretch that has included accusations of deceiving local authorities, stealing another company’s technology, and having a toxic workplace culture, initially eliminated the surge but then decided all rides taken in Central London during the attack were to made free and refunded all affected passengers.

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