Uber Forays Into Food Delivery Market

An UberEATS food delivery courier rides her scooter in London
Uber is making an aggressive drive into meal delivery, backed by a wave of staff recruitment, with the US tech heavyweight gearing up to enter at least 22 new countries and take on local rivals.
Uber and other recruiting sites – for about 150 roles ranging from general managers and sales staff to bike couriers – UberEats is planning to enter at least 22 new countries across the world in the near future. That is on top of the six countries where it already operates.
Uber executives were signalling that UberEats’ international ambitions were a modest extension of its core business of transporting people. But its job hiring efforts over the last three months suggest something more ambitious is taking shape.
It is to be mentioned that Europe is home base to many of the most active international players in the online food takeaway business. They are counting on their local ties, established customer bases and sprawling restaurant networks to insulate them from U.S. tech giants.
The biggest international players – Britain’s Just Eat , Germany’s Delivery Hero and Takeaway.com – focus on advertising local takeaways and booking orders for nearby users, while leaving deliveries to the restaurants themselves.
They have been raising fresh capital or swapping assets to bulk up in the expectation that Uber would ratchet up its challenge.

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