Twitter To Recap Your Missed Tweets

Social networking site Twitter has launched a new service which recaps important tweets users may have missed since their last login. Christened as ‘while you away,’ the new feature includes what the micro blogging site thinks to be the best tweets to the top of a user’s timeline the next time they open their Twitter account.
How it works?

It works like Facebook’s news feed that presents status updates and posts in a ranked manner. It is the first major Twitter feature beyond promoted tweets and adverts to sort tweets in a non-chronological fashion. Announcing the new feautre, Twitter said, the users would find something new everytime they open the Twitter app. The new feature aims at preserving important tweets that could get drowned out by the rapid flow of tweets on a daily basis. More than 500 million tweets are sent a daily basis, with many users following hundreds of accounts. Whereas Facebook has 1.3 billion users to Twitter’s 284 million. –

So keep tweeting and no missing.

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