Twitter Modifies Home Page To Cajole New Users

In an attempt to lure fresh users, social media site, Twitter is experimenting with another new feature for people who don’t log in.

Twitter has been boosted to take a new initiative after testing instant timeline and getting a good response for it. The company has redesigned their homepage for people who don’t have an account.

An estimated, 500 million users visit Twitter each month, seeing just a picture of one of the website’s users on the login page. While 284 million people are active users of the service, 125 million exit the page after just seeing the home page. The new page will give them a quick look what they would see if they did sign up for Twitter.

Screenshots of the redesigned home page, uploaded by users on Twitter, shows the categories people can follow by signing up, such as popular news websites, celebrities, sports teams etc. The spokesperson of Twitter confirmed to Re/code that it is testing the new home page for user response.

It is the first time that social networking site is testing a feature for potential users and not for those who are already using the service. But one will have to wait to know whether or not this feature does have an impact on Twitter’s user base.

The social networking site is seen by it as restrictive for future growth, and it is already addressing it by introducing new feature and design tweaks.

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