Twitter is Listing Pre-Roll Ads To Periscope

In a fresh development, Twitter has opened up another place for video ads, the buzziest online advertising sector, as it looks to find more revenue for its flight to profitability this year.
These pre-roll ads come at an important time for Twitterthough isn’t it always an important time? The company has obliterated for a lack of user growth and an utter loss of faith in leadership, is trading at record lows. Meanwhile, Snapchat is gaining the respect of the Street and pretty much everyone else.
The release also comes at an uneasy time in the online video advertising industry. It is to be mentioned that YouTube is currently facing intense scrutiny from big name brands who have found their ads placed within or on top of YouTube videos promoting terrorism and extremism. Back to Periscope: The introduction of ads directly to Periscope videos arrives just two days after the app’s second birthday.
Pre-roll on Periscope now unlocks another rich source of brand safe content for marketers to reach consumers at the most relevant moments.
Pre-roll ads will be a very, very slow rollout, and for now, only includes a very, very limited number of applicants. There are no launch partners. Instead, Twitter is offering it up to partners of its Amplify program. Twitter previously reported that there are more than 300 Amplify partners in over 25 countries.
The pre-roll will only apply to custom Amplify campaigns, meaning the advertiser and publisher will be matched as part of a holistic advertising program and brands know exactly where their ads are showing up.
This isn’t the first time Twitter has pumped up Periscope to brands. Companies also can pay to promote tweets that include Periscope video and coordinate advertising campaigns with Periscope creators.

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