Twitter Introduces Botmaker To Keep Your Timeline Spam-Free

Have you noticed something new on twitter these days? You are getting a lot less spasm now-a-days. Well, thank a bot for that.

Twitter has just introduced on botmaker, a recently developed system that lets the social network create anti-spam bot code with very little effort. It takes a few seconds for the engineers to set up rules that automatically take down and track spammers, in some cases before they’ve even managed to post anything.

Apart from barring known spam links, the bots can flag suspicious behavior. For example, it would keep a close watch if a lot of people block an account after it sends a tweet. Botmaker will also look at long-term behavior, so spammers that slip through the cracks aren’t necessarily safe.

Botmaker is actually working; it has been designed to only fight certain forms of spam as they arrive, and saves more time-consuming tasks for later. It’s certainly becoming popular among the twitter users. Twitter is reporting a 40 percent drop in spam since its new tool kicked in, and it can improve any less-than-perfect rules within seconds instead of hours.

It, however, remains doubtful the technology will ever completely rid the world of pitches for fake followers and cheap drugs, but it should help staff police a rapidly growing user base without hurting your day-to-day experience.

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