Twitpic Blames Twitter For Shutting Down

The irony is hard to miss: twitpic that helped bring photos to twitter is shutting down and blames twitter for it.

Image-sharing service twitpic has announced that it will close down on sept. 25 after facing a challenge to its trademark application from twitter.

Twitpic founder noah everett wrote that they do not have the resources to fend off a large company like twitter to maintain their mark which they believe wholeheartedly is rightfully theirs.

Founded in 2008, twitpic , rose to prominence by giving twitter users an easy way to add photos and videos to their tweets. Twitter didn’t add that function itself until 2011.

It was a major boost as it helped twitter to transform itself into a source of news as well as a social network. That was demonstrated vividly in 2009, after a twitpic image of a u.s. Airways flight that landed in the hudson river went viral.

“it changed everything,” twitter co-founder jack dorsey had himself admitted last year that it changed everything and focused the attention of the world towards them. A twitter spokesperson said the company was sad to see twitpic is shutting down.

He, however, said, it would not be a loss as twitter now offers the same sharing functions as twitpic through its own platform.

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