Google Acquires Twitch For Over $1 Billion: Sources

Google-owned YouTube has acquired the video game streaming website Twitch for a deal worth more than $1 billion, if sources are to be believed.

Sources close to the company said, the announcement would be made soon. Some reports, however, say, the two companies are in talks and nothing has been finalized yet.

Despite contradictory reports, YouTube is preparing to go up against US regulators over the sale due to anti-competitive concerns in the online video streaming space. An acquisition would be a feather in the cap of the You Tube which already has its own live streaming service YouTube Live, for live events including Google+ Hangouts, gaming, news, music and sporting events, isn’t as popular as Twitch – at least for video game streaming.

Twitch’s live streaming capabilities on the other hand is already integrated into EA’s Origin service, uPlay, both next-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4, along with others.

Twitch now has a million active broadcasters and more than 45 million unique visitors who consume 13 billion minutes of internet video every month.

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