Turn Your Selfie Into Funny Stickers

Line Selfie Sticker
Selfies have already replaced autographs forcing your favourite celebrities to be at their toes all the time. An app has come which can turn your selfies into stickers. It would help you to share your face with friends at various social networking sites without them losing interest in you.

Christened as “Line Selfie Sticker”, combines selfies and stickers, it has been developed by Japanese firm Line Corporation, which owns the popular Line instant messaging app. The app lets you click selfies and then turn them into funny stickers.

How it works?
To begin with, first select a sticker from over 130 options across 17 different themes. Now, click a selfie to fit into the sticker. The illustrations include astronauts, skateboarders, wedding gowns, cheerleaders, and monsters, among others. To customize the sticker, you can also add speech bubbles and text. Now, share the stickers on social networks like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, among others. The app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones for free.

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