Touch Signature To Protect Your Smart phones, Tablets

Touch signature
Worried about the security of your gadgets? Now you can secure your tablet or smartphones by proving a personal touch.

Scientists have developed a new security system that goes beyond old password or swipe gestures. It continuously monitors how a user taps and swipes a mobile device, providing a personal touch signature to secure your gadgets.
The new system called Latent Gesture has been developed by cyber-security researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In case the movements do not match the owner’s tendencies, the system recognizes the differences and can be programmed to lock the device.

The new system used during a lab study using Android devices was nearly 98 per cent accurate on a smartphone and 97% correct on tablets.

The system learns a person’s touch signature, and then constantly compares it to how the current user is interacting with the device.

To test the system, scientists set up an electronic form with a list of tasks for 20 participants. They were asked to tap buttons, check boxes and swipe slider bars on a phone and tablet to fill out the form. The system tracked their tendencies and created a profile for each person.

After profiles were stored, the researchers designated one person’s signature as the owner of the device and successfully repeated the tests.

Researchers also programmed the system to store five touch signatures on the same device – one owner and four authorized users. When someone other than the owner used the tablet, the system identified each with 98% accuracy.

Researchers say Latent Gesture’s biggest advantage is that the system is constantly running in the background. The user doesn’t have to do anything different for added security and authentication.

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