Toshiba Unveils A Tiny TV

toshiba (1)
Toshiba has launched a 24-inch TV. The company partnered up with Lucasfilm for the quirky TV, decked out with a black and white frame that sports a ton of X-wings and a Star Wars logo.
The TV only comes in one size, 24 inches, so it’s probably not something you’d want to use as your primary TV in the living room. A Toshiba representative said that it’s more of a second room TV. The TV also displays a Star Wars logo when you turn it on, as well as a First Order stormtrooper, accompanied by a lightsaber sound, every time it’s shut down. To complete the experience, the TV comes in a Star Wars-themed box.
In terms of specs, it’s just a HD Ready TV with built-in WiFi and a pair of HDMI ports, but they’re likely in line with entry level TVs of that size.

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