Top Six Technologies That Will Dominate 2014

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Brace yourself for an unprecedented growth in the world of information and entertainment in the New Year knocking at the door. The fledgling gadgets of the outgoing year would soon mature with advanced features and attractive looks.

Here are 6 predictions for technology trends that we think will dominate 2014.

1. iTV: One of the most eagerly awaited developments of the year would be release of Apple’s much anticipated iTV. The device is rumored to include iCloud sync, the ability to control your iPhone, and ultra HD LCD panels.

2. Google watch: The New Year may not allow you to keep an eye off your Google watch. If rumors are believed the device will integrate with Google now, which aims to provide relevant information when and where you want it and of course before you asked it.

3. Google glass: The next is Google glass. These augmented reality glasses allow you to access information like email and texts, take hands-free pictures and videos, effortlessly translate your voice, and even receive overlaid walking, cycling or driving directions, right within your field of vision.

4. Touch ID technology: The Touch ID technology which uses a high-resolution camera to scan your fingerprint may be integrated into MacBook products next year.

5. New gaming consoles: The new gaming consoles (Xbox One and PS4) will increasingly integrate social media-like connectivity between players. Players could have followers, work together to achieve in-game goals and new technology will allow for equally-skilled players to compete.

6. Natural language search: Natural language search will continue to overtake keyword-based search, as seen by Google’s move towards longer, more natural searches in its recent release of Hummingbird, Google’s largest algorithm update thus far.

So, are you ready to get in tuned with the technology?

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