Top 5 Healthiest Alcohol Drinks

A must read for alcohol guzzlers who are afraid of gaining weight. There are alcoholic drinks that have less calories and that do not make you gain weight as much as their counterparts. We give you top five healthiest alcoholic drinks to try this weekend.

Healthiest Alcohol Drinks

1.Vodka Soda

Hip hop artists endorse it as the ‘cool quotient drink’, but the Russians believe it is a cure to all their problems and they might just be on to something. In several cultures, Vodka is used as an alternative medicine. Consume no more than 1-2 units (30ml each) of Vodka at one go.

2. Bellini

Bellini is prepared with champagne orange or peach juice. Champagne is rich in antioxidants which is beneficial for your skin. When you add orange or peach to champagne you are adding vitamin A, B and C to your drink. The juices are good sources for calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, niacin and thiamine.

3. Red wine

Indians have opened up to drinking wine. It is no longer associated with just the Italians and the French. Red wine is considered the fountain of youth by many thanks to the high level of antioxidants. A great accompaniment for romantic dinners, wine will boost your body’s defenses, build bones and balance blood sugar levels.

4. White wine
Red wine may be popular, but white wine has health benefits too. While red wine has antioxidant resveratrol, white wine has hydroxytyrosol which is an important antioxidant and effective for clearing blockages.

5. Guinness

Though beer gives you a beer belly, Guinness has less calories than regular beer. There are 128 calories in 35ml of Guinness beer. This beer also has the same number of antioxidants as red wine. This beer can help reduce and flush out blood clots and improve heart problems.
“Gain enjoyment and not weight.”

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