Tips To Keep A Fab Body This Summer

Fab summer
The summers have just arrived and the scorching heat has already began to make the days uncomfortable. Don’t let the scorching heat come in the way of getting a fab summer body. If you’re looking out to tone your shape, than here are a few simple exercise and nutrition tips that will help you achieve the body you want…

1. If you aim to lose weight, just working out isn’t enough, you need to pay attention to your nutrition as well. Incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and lean protein sources in your diet.

2. Try to burn the calories but it’s easy said than done. Skip the aerated drinks and calorie laden sodas and opt for water instead.

3. Grill vegetables instead of steaming them. And experiment with different herbs and spices to season food instead of using lots of oil or ghee.

4. If you’re eating out of your house, ask for the foods to be prepared as light as possible.

5. Physical activity is essential, so make it a habit to include at least 30 minutes of cardio daily. Jogging, running, cycling, swimming or playing a sport are all ideal choices.

6. Yoga is also a good option for those trying to get into shape.

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