Tips To Booze Without Adding Calories

With a little handy information you can enjoy a drink or two and still manage to keep diet your on track. Here are a few dietfriendly drinking tips that can come in handy, especially as the festive and barbecue seasons comes calling.

1. Choose wisely
There are a few diet-friendly alcohols that pack in fewer empty calories and weight clinchers than others. If you are watching your weight and counting calories, you don’t have to sit sipping juices at parties. Don’t forget portion control in addition to selecting the right drink. A few good choices (less than 100 calories) are — a shot (25ml) of gin with diet tonic, a shot of white rum with a soda, a small glass of wine or champagne, or a single measure of whisky or brandy.
2. Pace yourself
Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with mineral water or diet soft drinks. Make a glass of wine last longer by turning it into a spritzer — add sparkling water or lemonade. Not only does this reduce your chances of getting tipsy, it also hydrates the body and reigns in far fewer calories than the other heavy weights.

3. Be ready
Avoid alcohol induced binges and cut down on calorie intake overall by being prepared. Fortify yourself with a healthy breakfast and lunch based on starchy carbohydrates along with a little protein. If you think you won’t be able to eat while you drink, have a pre-drink meal or light snack, ideally with some fat, to line the stomach and slow down the alcohol absorption into your system.
4. Stay clear
A handful of peanuts have around 150 calories and a bag of chips has a deadly 183 calories. If it’s a pre-meal lunch or dinner drink you’re having, avoid these snacks altogether. If nibbles are necessary, breadsticks are a good option.

5. One at a time
Don’t let others top up your glass. Finish a whole glass of your drink before you get another. This will ensure you know exactly how much you are consuming during the course of your session.

6 Next morning
If the next morning, you feel like you grossly overshot your limit and are nursing a headache, there is a healthier option for a fry-up that doesn’t call for oodles of calories.
“Drink and enjoy but in limits”

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