Tips For A Happy Week

A healthy mind is a key to a healthy body. As you begin your week, there might be several issues, which might be stressful. Here are a few tips by which you can get the most out of the week by staying energetic and happy.

MONDAY: Take Cold showers
A sense of laziness is bound to get you down as it’s the beginning of the week. The best way to deal with Monday blues is to bounce up and stand under cold shower. No matter how uncomfortable it sounds, a cold water bath gets the blood flowing. It stimulates nerve endings that awaken your senses. Also, it induces deep breathing, which oxygenates our system and boosts immunity. Research claim that a cold water bath energizes the body and helps you deal with a hectic day.

TUESDAY: Get stretch in bed
You need a good stretch after a good sleep. It relaxes the body, tones muscles and flexes them, especially if you’ve have been sleeping curled up. Bend your knees towards the chest. Push your lower back further in the bed. This opens the spine.
Turn your head to the right and press your cheek on the pillow. In the next step, sit up and roll your shoulders six to seven times.

WEDNESDAY: Take breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you stomach feels full and happy, you will too. Make yourself a power-packed breakfast. Skip the regular tea or coffee, and make an interesting fruit smoothie that will keep you full till lunch time.

THURSDAY: Listen to music
Listening to music in the mornings helps you start the day on a positive note. It helps you get rid of mental clutter. This is especially true for people who get stressed by the thought of the day to come. Soft music calms down the heart and breathing rate.

FRIDAY: Play games
Playing sports, such as squash, badminton, volleyball, etc., the first thing in the morning has many benefits. It provides a full body workout and flexes muscles that stiffen during sleep. It makes you sweat and flushes out the toxins, making your skin glow. It releases endorphins that can keep you pepped up the entire day.

SATURDAY: Live life
It literally means to laugh out loud. There has been ample research to prove the benefits of laughter. Experts say that laughing loudly is an internal exercise for the heart and lungs. It stimulates blood circulation, oxygenates the body and relieves stress.

SUNDAY: Aromatherapy
The last day of the week is the right time to unwind and relax. You can opt for some aromatherapy. Add a few drops of aromatic oil to your bath water or massage it into your body a few minutes before bath. Fragrances such as mint, lime and orange are known to stimulate the senses and wake you up.

Tips for an energetic week!

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