The ‘No More Tears’ Shampoo Turns More Friendly

Johnson Baby Shampoo
The no more tears Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is arriving on store shelves with Improved Formula.

The shampoo has the same amber hue, the same sudsy lather and — perhaps most important — the same familiar smell that, still conjures memories of childhood bath time.

What’s different is that the products no longer contain two potentially harmful chemicals, formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, that have come under increasing scrutiny by consumers and environmental groups.

In response to consumer pressure two years ago, the company pledged to remove both chemicals from its baby products by the end of 2013, and this month, it said that it had met that goal. The reformulated products are making their way to store shelves around the world and will replace existing products over the next several months.

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