The New App Helping Uber Drivers To Make Extra Money

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign
Cargo is a new startup that promises to provide those random items you’d be happy to have mid-ride and more importantly, offer another source of income for ride-hailing drivers.
Cargo partners with brands to put candy, protein bars, tampons, and condoms in a case that sits within reach of passengers. The case comes with a code unique to each driver, which passengers use to record what they took during the ride.
A lot of the items cost a dollar or two, but others are free for the taking. And drivers get a bit of extra money from Cargo for the things their passengers take, regardless of whether the riders made a purchase or just took something for free. Passengers can even tip their drivers through Cargo, too.
Everything is mobile web-based, so riders don’t have to download an app during the few minutes they’re in an Uber.
The startup has snagged partnerships with big brands, like the companies behind Skittles or Quest Bars, that are always looking to reach customers in a new way. The company has also made deals with startups like Lola or the cookie brand Michel et Augustin that want their products in front of new consumers.
Cargo was founded in 2016 and tested its service in a few states before going national last week.

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