Tesla Model X Arrives In Australia

Tesla, the electric car company officially launched the Model X in Australia which is being pitched as more family-friendly than its Model S model, talking up its ability to seat seven adults, complete with up to four child seat attachments. Heath Walker, Tesla’ communications manager in Australia said, that he did not believe the arrival of the Model X would steal buyers from the Model S. He said, there are two separate markets, so most people would be one or the other and we’re seeing that in the orders to date. Perhaps the most striking visual feature of the car is its falcon wings, which are intended to let passengers exit the car in the tightest of parking spots. The company had some trouble with the doors initially, however, with some drivers reporting they wouldn’t open or close thanks to software glitches. Signature owners (people who reserved the car first) should have their Model X delivered by the end of the year. For those with A$120,000 to A$200,000 to spare today, the estimated delivery date for new reservations is 2017. Local pricing for the P100D Model X is yet to be announced.

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