Tesla Asked To Stop Autopilot In Its Marketing

Autopilot has come as a new challenge from Tesla has arisen in Germany that has to do with the company’s most talked about feature.
Officials from Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) have requested that Tesla stop using the term Autopilot for its driver assistance feature, calling it misleading.
A KBA official said, it can be confirmed that a letter to Tesla exists with the request to no longer use the misleading term Autopilot for the driver assistance system of the car.
According to the report, the German agency’s letter to Tesla stated, that in order to prevent misunderstanding and incorrect customers’ expectations, we demand that the misleading term Autopilot is no longer used in advertising the system.”
Among its responsibilities, the agency oversees activities related to German road safety and product recalls.
Tesla has yet to offer a public response to the letter from Germany, but this isn’t the first time the company’s Autopilot feature has come under scrutiny.

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