Ten Tips For Healthy Vision

Healty eyes
Eyes are perhaps the most beautiful gift of God to us from which we see this world. But often we do little to care about the most precious gift as we neglect them.
This negligence can cause blindness or vision impairment in the long run. Here are ten tips for good eyes and healthy vision.

1. Clean your hands
It is very important that you wash hands thoroughly before touching your eyes. Our hands are filled with dirt and minute pollutants, when they meet your eyes can cause eye infections and conjunctivitis.

2. Say no to smoking
Excessive smoking or constant chewing of tobacco can cause macular degeneration or blindness, due to the presence of harmful compound, nicotine.

3. UV protect your eyes
It’s true that sunshine is good for eye health, but nothing in excess is ever good. If your work demands you to stay outdoors, then always wear good UV protected sunglasses. This will help prevent or delay the problem of cataract.

4. Wear safety goggles
Wear safety goggles or eyewear, while working with chemicals, playing sports, bursting crackers or while swimming. A slight touch can harm your eyes.

5. Stare at a distance
Work hard but ensure that you do not strain your eyes. Take a break and change the focus of your eyes to greener or look at a distance. Practice eye exercises for good vision.

6. Eat healthy food
It has been rightly said, what you eat is what you are. Nourish your eyes with food like carrots, apricots and blueberries. All these foods are rich in beta-carotene and are good for vision.

7. Visit Ophthalmologist
Go for a vision check at least once in a year even if you have a good eye sight. This is a good way to detect various eye related ailments and prevent it with timely treatment.

8. Don’t dare to ignore
If you face any abnormality with your vision never neglect it. Take action and consult an ophthalmologist at that instance.

9. Blink your eyes regularly
Computer users are recommended that they should follow the eye exercise of blinking their eyes every three-four seconds. Keep blinking your eyes, to keep your eyes fresh and avoid eyestrain.

10. Splash water
It helps you to relieve your eyes from excessive stress. Thus, whenever you feel your eyes are strained, go splash some water on them.

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