Tegra Note 7 Comes With Added Features

Tegra Note
More than a month after the launch of Tegra Note 7, the company has decided to keep its promise by makes some changes into it.

Android 4.3 and a handful of other enhancements, is coming out to the $200 Tegra 4-powered tablet. One of the biggest features is Always-on HDR (AOHDR), which does exactly what the feature’s name implies — make sure users can snap a real-time HDR shot without waiting several seconds for the camera to process it.

There are a few other nice touches in the changelog, such as left-handed stylus support, improvements in the DirectStylus’ response, notifications and the ability to transfer files to microSD from internal memory.
But there is something more. This isn’t the latest version of Android (4.4), but NVIDIA is planning on bringing it to the Note 7 eventually.

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