Taste A 3,300-Year-Old Danish Beer

Good news for beer guzzlers. Forget the 200 year old beers sold in the market, now you can have a sip of a bear belonging to that Bronze Age, around 3,300 years ago. Interestingly, the beer was discovered from a coffin.

Yes, Egtved Girl’s Brew is made from a recipe that dates all the way back to the Bronze Age, 1,370 years BC. The brew, made in a partnership between the Danish National Museum and Skands Brewery, is based directly on the vintage stuff: residue samples taken from a bark beer bucket buried in an ancient coffin discovered in Denmark in 1921.

Egtved Girl must’ve gotten pretty thirsty in the afterlife-either that, or 3,300 years in the ground led to an unfortunate leak in her beer vessel. The brewers and historians determined the beer’s ingredients from the dried residue had to improvise to come up with the proper recipe.

The brewers had the basic list for the beer, but the challenge was to find the relationship between the ingredients, and then to taste it for the result.

The ancient beer is available with flavors of malt, honey, bog myrtle, and cranberry and can be directly purchased from the Danish National Museum.

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