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Now A Bed That Locks The Door, Brews Your Coffee

Who says the bed is only to sleep and rest. Here’s a bed that lock the door, turn off the lights, and brew coffee in the morning…all from bed. A lot of startups are rushing to connect your entire home, and the latest entry is Luna, which promises to replace your dumb mattress cover with

9 gadgets to look for in 2015

As the curtains to 2014 are drawing to a close, we bring you some of the gadgets that are likely to be hot properties in the upcoming year. Here are the nine gadgets which you may want to have with you after you read them. 1. 3D printing 3D printing is coming to witness a

Top Six Technologies That Will Dominate 2014

Brace yourself for an unprecedented growth in the world of information and entertainment in the New Year knocking at the door. The fledgling gadgets of the outgoing year would soon mature with advanced features and attractive looks. Here are 6 predictions for technology trends that we think will dominate 2014. 1. iTV: One of the