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Is The Ipad Nearing An End?

Are the shrinking sales of iPads and tablets an indication of their end? Though, tablets are still popular and sales are growing at the rate of 11 percent last quarter, but it’s still a losing battle when tablets were growing at a 60 percent clip, two years back. Even iPad has been in the doldrums

Beware Before Giving Tablets To Your Kids

If you are among those parents who want tablets and ipads in the hands of your toddlers instead of books the article is a must read for you. It may be the correct time to pull the plug now. Researchers in the US have found that children below the age of three who played non-educational

Get Ready To Fold Your Tablets & TV Screens

In a renovation to television viewing, scientists have used a focused beam of electrons to create some of the smallest nanowires ever made that may pave way for flexible, paper-thin tablets and television displays. Junhao Lin, a Vanderbilt University student and visiting scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), used a finely focused beam of

Touch Signature To Protect Your Smart phones, Tablets

Worried about the security of your gadgets? Now you can secure your tablet or smartphones by proving a personal touch. Scientists have developed a new security system that goes beyond old password or swipe gestures. It continuously monitors how a user taps and swipes a mobile device, providing a personal touch signature to secure your

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Neo Available Online

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab3 Neo tablet is now available via an online retailer at a price tag of at Rs. 16,750. The tablet is yet to be listed on the company’s online India store. The Korean firm had announced the launch of Galaxy Tab3 Neo and the Galaxy NotePRO tablets in India in February at Rs.

Panasonic Launches Tough Tables For Users

Panasonic has launched Toughpad FZ-M1, a rugged and durable tablet with 7-inch screen, to woo its enterprise customers. Toughpad is powered by a Core i5 processor and Windows 8.1 Pro which means it can run almost all enterprise-specific applications that companies tend to use. The durable nature of the tablet also means that it is