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Family Dinners Can Save Kids From Cyberbullying: Study

It’s a serious issue: make it a point not to miss family dinners with your kids to help them cope up with cyberbullying. A new study has found that cyber or internet bullying is as dangerous as traditional bullying and can increase the risk of mental health problems in teenagers just as much as the

Social Media Affecting Social Skill Of Kids: Study

kids: study Blame social media for it. A new study has revealed that increased use of digital media and less time spent on face-to-face interaction have led to a decline in social skills among kids. The ucla study mentions that people need more face-to-face interaction and that even when people use digital media for social

Addiction For Social Media Goes Up When Abroad

Posting, tweeting and tagging ourselves at different locations or during holidays has become a trend. A research has shown that many Brits become 16 times more addicted to social media while holidaying. An online travel agency in the UK has claimed that a gadget freak tourist from Britain will update his Facebook status 10 times,

Facebook To Hold F8 After A Gap Of Three-Years

Facebook would hold its f8 developer conference on April 30, an event being held after a gap of three years. The one-day conference to be held at San Francisco Design Concourse will be highly technical in nature and not likely to include any bombshell consumer-product reveals. The company is expected to pay extra attention to