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An App To Get Back Your Text Messages

Here’s a new app that allows you to unsend a text by deleting the message from the receiver’s smartphone. Everyone has suffered from text regret always wishing they could unsend a text message at least once. The app, RakEM, eliminates text regret by allowing users to delete the unwanted sent message, removing it from both

Travel Apps For Girls

There are apps for everything. From hailing a taxi to finding a lover. There are also apps for girls. 1. When’s your pill due? A fling, a date, a dance, a romp, all that jazz about holiday romance is perfectly legit, but before that spark turns into a fiery passion, get on to the myPill

Free Apps Jeopardizing Your Privacy?

A must read for those who frequently use apps. Be careful before you push the accept button next time while downloading a free app that asks for permission to share your personal information with a third party. A new study has come up with shocking revelations that a number of smartphone users finding the frequency

South Korea Launches App To Curb Student Suicide

In wake of the rise in the cases of suicide, South Korea has developed smartphone apps to help bring down its high student suicide rate by warning parents when their children might be at risk. The government-developed apps, expected to introduce this year are programmed to detect suicide- related words used by children on social

App To Deal With Unhappiness At Work

Are you unhappy about a co-worker’s attitude and want to blurt it out once and for all? Solution is on head. Here comes an app that provides you an outlet to give vent about your feelings without identifying you to him or her. Christened as ‘Memo,’ the messaging app has been developed by Ryan Janssen

An App For Your Lost Keys

Do you recollect the problem you had to face the last time you lost your car’s keys while several kilometres away from home? Now, you can prevent the incident from occurring again with the help of an app. A New York-based KeyMe has come with a solution by changing how we duplicate our keys. Its

An App That Says “Yo” Becomes An Instant Hit In The Us: Reports

According to US media reports, a new instant messaging app that only allows users to send a single word to their friends has become a massive hit, raising $1 million in two months. The Yo app lets users say “Yo” to their friends, sending them a text notification accompanied by a recorded voice shouting the

6 Apps And Devices For The Safety Of Women

With the increase in the number of heinous crimes on women, it is better for them to carry gadgets that would be helpful when need arises. Here are six tips that can really prove helpful during emergency. 1. bSafe bSafe lets you share your location with friends and family (who will also need to have

8 Apps Exclusively For Women

Women’s Day has just passed by and we thought it would be a great idea to bring you a list of apps that every woman should have on her smartphone. 1. Photo Editor The app is simply for those gorgeous women who love to share their images on Facebook and Instagram. With this app you