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How To Protect Your Eyes In Summer

The sultry heat becomes unbearable during summers and its important to protect your body, especially eyes, from the hot weather as one may deal with eye problems. While we use sunscreens to protect our skin, let us also not miss to protect our eyes, one of the most important and delicate part of our body.

Teenage Boys Hooked To Pc May Develop Weaker Bones: Study

Staying glued to computer or television for long hours? You may be at a risk of developing weaker bones leading to osteoporosis and fracture — especially if you are a teenage boy— later in life. A Norwegian research has found that sedentary lifestyle during adolescence can impact bone mineral density (BMD) negatively and thus compromise

How To Cope Up With Computer Stress Syndrome

Do you get panicky when something goes wrong on your computer? Are you dependent heavily on your computer? You may be suffering from Computer Stress Syndrome (CSS). Relax! You are not alone. Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of people depend so heavily on computers in office that the moment something goes wrong,