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Experts Suggest Some Easy Exercises During Busy Schedules

Try to use the staircase at least three times a day. Walk from your house or office to the bus stand. After every two hours, get up from the chair and take a deep breath and stretch backwards. Then breathe out and come and touch your toes. Twisting will also help. Hip rotation clockwise and

Exercises To Stay Healthy While In Office

Must read for office goers who remain busy throughout the day and sit at one spot at a stretch every day at the cost of their health. It is very necessary for them to take out some time to exercise at your workplace every now and then A survey has shown that 57 percent of

Humans To Soon Download Their Personalities

Believe it or not! Computers may soon be able to transmit the complexities of human personalities. Sebastian Thrun, who founded the Google X laboratory where the internet search giant has developed Google Glass and driverless cars, said it was often difficult to grasp concepts before they come to fruition. He, however, said, much like data

Health Benefits Of Celery

Have you ever thought that celery has endless health properties? With 95 per cent of its constituents being water, it is considered to be a powerfood filled with fibre. Here are some of the health benefits of celery: 1. Celery is enriched with blood pressure reducing properties. It relaxes the muscles of the arteries that

Scientists Invent New Compound To Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers have found a new compound that can kill cancer cells. A small molecule that resets the biological clock of cancer cells can help shrink tumour growth and lead to potential new therapy to treat cancer. The findings showed that the molecule called 6-thio-2′-deoxyguanosine (6-thiodG) can stop the growth of cancer cells.. Jerry Shay, professor

Emotional stress affects women’s heart more: Study

A new research has found that young women with heart diseases are more likely than men to have reduced blood flow to their heart if they are under emotional stress. Viola Vaccarino from the Emory University in the US says, that women who develop heart disease at a younger age make up a special high

Enjoy winter fruits to stay healthy

It’s perhaps the most beautiful time of the year when the markets are flooded with seasonal fruit and vegetables Experts advise people to reap the maximum benefits of the items that are not only good in taste. Gooseberry: This fruit, loaded with vitamin C can easily be found even in small market nooks now. Since

Brits to earn bucks for shedding weight

Loosing weight would help Britons to fill up their wallets. The UK public health service, the NHS, wants to encourage companies to reward employees who shed extra kilos and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The initiative is part of a plan to tackle an NHS funding shortfall that is forecast to hit £30 billion ($48 billion)

Foods For Your Healthy Brain

For an healthy body, it’s important to have a healthy mind. Good food helps to not only nourish your body but also your mind. Here are a few healthy foods by which you can keep your brain healthy. 1. Oily fish Experts say that oily fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel, is good for your

Eat Nuts And Live Longer

Want to live longer. Just add 50 grams of almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts or pistachios in your diet to control blood fats (triglycerides) and sugars and add life to your years. A person is considered to have metabolic syndrome if he or she has three of the following risk factors – low levels of good

Brace Up For Biological Pacemakers

Researchers say they’re working on a biological pacemaker that implants the heart with a gene-carrying virus and creates a sino-atrail node which is actually a collection of neurons that acts as a natural metronome for the body’s most important muscle. Researchers claimed to have improved the heart rate of 12 pigs with heart conditions by