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Google, Levi’s Develop Smartjacket

Google and denim jeans company Levi’s have developed a new jacket that lets users interact with theirsmartphones by swiping at the garment in various ways. Christened the Commuter Trucker Jacket, the garment is aimed at cyclists who may be too busy riding and concentrating on their surroundings to reach into their pockets and fiddle with

Mozilla Rejects Chinese Internet Body’s Certificates

In a victory for Google, Mozilla has said it would follow Google Inc and no longer recognize new certificates of trust issued by a Chinese Internet agency. Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are among the world’s most widely used browsers, and the moves could disturb users accessing a broad range of Chinese web sites. As

Google, Johnson & Johnson Team Up For Robot Surgeons

The search giant is joining hands with Johnson & Johnson to build robots that would help surgeons in the operating room. The alliance announced recently dovetails with two of Google’s initiatives beyond its main business of Internet search and advertising. The company has been investing in medical research aimed at extending lives and in robotic

Google Introduces Insurance Shopping Site

The wait is over. Google has entered into insurance shopping and would start California. The United States insurance industry had been anticipating Google’s entry into insurance shopping for the better part of a year. The search giant has announced it was introducing a United States version of its Google Compare auto insurance shopping site, which

Google Makes Chromebooks Safer

Good news for Google Chromebook owners. They will soon be able to disable stolen devices thanks to an update for its Chrome OS platform that gives them extra privileges to bolster the security of their affordable PC. Google has announced that Chromebook owners will soon have the ability to disable devices remotely and even communicate

Google’s Project Tango To Face Reality

Google’s 3D-scanning camera, Project Tango, has graduated from Google’s experimental lab and is on its way to the real world. How it works? The scanner began as a concept for a smartphone which would scan the world around it in 3D. It could then make that into a model that could be used for augmented

Google confirms working on Google Glass 2

Google has confirmed it is actually working on an upgraded Google Glass 2. The news comes at a time when the world remains in shock over the sudden Google Glass demise. While announcing the closure of its Google Glass Explorer programme and taking the original wearable device off sale, the company in a Google+ post

Google’s New Headquarters To Move Like Toys

The search giant has come out with plans for a new campus headquarters integrating wildlife and sweeping waterways, aiming to make a big statement in Silicon Valley — which is already looking up for ambitious projects from Apple and Facebook. The design also includes lush public gardens, looping covered bikeways and futuristic-looking buildings that can

Twitter Confirms ‘Relationship’ With Google

Twitter chief Dick Costolo has confirmed that a relationship with Google has been rekindled, though he has refused to reveal further details. The agreement will make Twitter messages more visible on the Internet, according to media reports with tweets showing up in Google searches as soon as they are posted. Costolo said during a quarterly

Google To Soon Become A Wireless Carrier

Google wireless is on cards. The move would help you to buy an Android smartphone not through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile — but with Google Wireless. The search giant will start selling cell phone service along with its Android phones, according to sources. It may be recalled that Google has been assembling just about

Gmail Blocked In China, Great Firewall Suspected

The search giant’s Gmail services have been blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world biggest email services. Experts suspect the Great Firewall for the blockader Large numbers of Gmail web addresses were cut off in China, said, a China-based freedom of speech advocacy group. Users admitted that the service was still