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Google Glass Will Help You To Speak Better

Do you to improve your public speaking skills? Take the help of Google Glass! Sounds crazy, isn’t Researchers have developed a new system that uses Google Glass to provide real-time feedback to the speaker on volume modulation and speaking rate. How it works? Smart glasses installed with the intelligent user interface called Rhema can record

Google confirms working on Google Glass 2

Google has confirmed it is actually working on an upgraded Google Glass 2. The news comes at a time when the world remains in shock over the sudden Google Glass demise. While announcing the closure of its Google Glass Explorer programme and taking the original wearable device off sale, the company in a Google+ post

Google Glass to soon face a new competitor

Google glasses which has been already in headlines for various reasons ranging from their services offered to the defects is soon to get a new competitor. Sources said, San Francisco-based Osterhout Design Group (ODG) is set to roll out a consumer-friendly version this year. Till now, the company develops heavy-duty smart glasses for the military,

Google Glass Not Safe On Wheels: Study

Mulling to buy google glasses? Just wait a moment. A new research has revealed that like a smartphone, google glass too distracts drivers when texting while driving. Researchers at university of central florida further found that texting glass users outperformed smartphone users when regaining control of their vehicles after a traffic incident. Researcher ben sawyer

Google Glasses To Become Wearable

The Google glass users would definitely agree at one point: The Glass doesn’t do any favour to the face. It even looks ugly, according to some users. Almost 10% of people who know what Google Glass is wouldn’t use one because of how it looks, according to Glass Almanac. But here is some good news.

Now Control Google Glass With Thoughts

You have always been told that thoughts are powerful. Now, its time to practice what has been preached. You would be able to control Google Glass with your thoughts alone. The power of thoughts can give the computer eyewear commands to do certain things, which include taking a picture and even posting it to Facebook.

Google Glass Causing Headache

The much hyped Google glasses have ran into trouble with the company accepting that the device may cause headache if used for longer periods. This follows complaints from several users who said they experienced pain while wearing the high-tech specs. The problem is thought to be related to the location of the headset’s display, a

Google Tries To Dispel Fears Of Its Glasses

Google has posted an article on Google+ to bust the ten common myths related to Google glasses. The rumours have been several since the glasses were launched. It ranged from disrupting privacy to spying. Understanding that the rumours may damage its prospects, the company had also published recently a blog about the etiquettes needed to