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Sony Remodels Playstation With Independent Games

Sony who is working with independent studios to bring sassy new titles to the PlayStation platform recently showed off nearly two dozen new “indie” games including “nidhogg” and “The Witness” at its PlayStation campus in the Silicon Valley city of San Mateo. Some of the entertainingly zany spins that independent developers put on play grab

Nintendo’s Game Boy Turns 25

Nintendo’s trailblazing Game Boy marked its 25th anniversary with the portable device’s legacy still popular even in the age of smartphone games and living in the minds of nostalgic fans. Incidentally, the Japanese firm released its 8-bit Game Boy on April 21, 1989, the year Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan, the Chinese army violently

Sharkoon Announces Pocket Friendly Gaming Case

Sharkoon has announced a new gaming enclosure – the BD28 which is said to be pocket friendly for the customers. The case’s internal layout comprises room for up to ATX size motherboards, graphics cards up to 415 mm long, and CPU coolers up to 179 mm tall. There is also room for up to four