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Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft Join Hands Against Terrorist Posts

In a latest development, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google are teaming up on a new effort to prevent the spread of terrorist content on their networks. The companies are creating a shared database that will allow them to track the digital fingerprints of accounts that share terrorist images and videos across their respective networks to

Facebook Launches Oculus Touch

Facebook held a live video unveiling the Oculus Touch, an add-on to the Oculus Rift, the controller bundle for the VR headset. The bundle comes with two gaming titles- VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken. In addition, you get a second camera and a third sensor to room-scale your games. It will be released in

Facebook Likely To Become World’s Biggest Graveyard By 2098

Facebook, YouTube Tops the List of Most Popular Smartphone Apps Of 2015

Good news for social media users. As we are gearing up to bid goodbye to year 2015, Nielsen, the company that measures media audience’s viewership, has come out with the list of top 10 smartphone apps of this year. It has revealed that popular social networking app Facebook remained of the top most choice of

Facebook Still Popular: Survey

Good news for Facebook addicts. Despite threats from mobile messaging services, the social networking site is not going lost into oblivion. A survey has found, the site still remains the most popular social network among teenagers of 13 to 17 years, Though sites as Instagram and Snapchat increasingly appeal to teenagers, Facebook is still a

Facebook Unveils New ‘Scrapbook’ Feature

Facebook has introduced a new product, Scrapbook, which lets parents collect photos of their babies, toddlers, or pre-teens in a centralized place which they can share with friends or loved ones. Scrapbook serves as a handy tool for collecting all those baby photos and storing them in a dedicated, easy-to-access place on Facebook. Moreover, users

Facebook Takes Aim At YouTube

Good news for Facebook users. The social networking site will now allow videos on its platform to be embedded across the web. According to company officials, users can now copy an embed code, place it in a menu at the bottom of the video and it will show up in a new and functional player.

Facebook Coming Up In New Avatar

Brace up for more big changes on Facebook. The social media company announced several new products and features that will launch on its platform soon. Here’s what’s coming: 1. Spherical videos on your News Feed and Oculus VR headset: Facebook will soon support videos shot with 360-degree camera technology quite similar to the Google Maps’

Facebook Focused Only On Social Network: Zuckerberg

Its official. Facebook is not likely to produce cars and solar power. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of the Facebook has said, the world’s biggest social network site had no ambition outside the social media and internet. The company is pretty focused on social networking sites, said Zuckerberg. The other companies like Apple have graduated to

FB Makes Profit Through Ads

Social networking site, Facebook Inc has reported quarterly revenue that topped analysts’ estimates, fueled by the mobile advertising business. The company’s social network’s fourth-quarter sales totaled $3.85 billion, exceeding the average analysts’ prediction of $3.77 billion. The percentage of ad sales from mobile phones was 69%, up from 66% in the third quarter. The profit,

Facebook To Assist In Finding Missing Children In US

In a welcome move, Facebook has planned to use its estimated 140 million daily US users to help track missing children through emergency alerts. The social networking site has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to immediately begin sending AMBER Alerts, including photographs and other details, to the news feeds of