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Dropbox Makes Editing Files Easier

Using Dropbox, the cloud-based storage service, is set to become more comfortable as the company will now allow users to read and edit files during previews. The Dropbox desktop client now comes with an Open button, while the same feature will be rolled out to mobile apps over the next few weeks via an update.

Dropbox Likely To Drop Good News

Must read for Dropbox users: You would soon be able to juggle between business and personal files without having to sign in and out. The tool would prove helpful for those who use Dropbox for Business, as it will give them simultaneous access to corporate-controlled files and their personal documents. The facility would extend to

Tips For Making The Best Use Of ipad

Have you recently bought an iPad and you want to take your new gadget to everywhere. Here are five things you can do to turn your iPad into a legitimate work device: 1. Get a Bluetooth keyboard. The touch screen is a great option, but if you’re planning on doing real work, you need the