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Now, An App To Track Your Tweets

A must read for twitter user: A new feature in Twitter’s iPhone app will help you to find how many people are reading your tweets, retweeting or clicking on a link you posted. Describing about the app, Ian Chan, a software engineering manager at Twitter said, that the user is just required to sign in

Whatsapp Blamed For Rising Divorces In Italy

Believe it or not! Exchanging intimate messages with strangers on WhatsApp has led to a rise in divorce rates in Italy, claims a leading Italian lawyer. Gian Ettore Gassani, president of the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, said forty percent of divorce cases that cited adultery have used WhatsApp messages swapped by unfaithful spouses and

Now, App To Judge Your Morality

Can a smartphone app judge your morality in daily life? Yes it can, say researchers. In a bid to keep a tab on moral judgements in everyday life, researchers used a smartphone app to track moral and immoral acts committed or witnessed around 1,200 people on a single day. the findings showed that people were

Now, App To Control High Suicide Rate Among Youth

Shocked by the increasing numbers of youth committing suicides, australian researchers are developing a smartphone app to stop people to take their own lives. The app would facilitate referral of the young person to local liaison officers and other government or non-government support agencies. Maree toombs, a researcher from the university of queensland’s school of