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An App To Protect You From Sun

Believe it or not! A smartphone app would now provide you protection from sun. The Solar Cell app was developed by Klein Buendel, Colorado, under a contract with the National Cancer Institute in the US provides sun-protection advice based on UV Index forecasts and personal information from the users, as well as alerts to apply

App To Deal With Unhappiness At Work

Are you unhappy about a co-worker’s attitude and want to blurt it out once and for all? Solution is on head. Here comes an app that provides you an outlet to give vent about your feelings without identifying you to him or her. Christened as ‘Memo,’ the messaging app has been developed by Ryan Janssen

Nvidia Comes Up With 4K-Enabled Android Gaming Console

Nvidia has revealed the Shield Console, the device which joins the company’s growing Shield lineup. It consists of of a gaming tablet based off their Tegra K1 processor and a handheld device. Centered around the Shield Console, the company has announced an entire ecosystem that brings PC Gaming, watching content all into one big living

Now, Video Games To Calm Kids

After inventing video games that made children prone to crimes and aggressive tendencies, British developers have invented a video game claim that helps stressed and angry children learn how to stay calm under pressure. How it works? The prototype gaming system monitors a child’s stress levels using a wristband sensor and rewards them for controlling

Now App To Search Jobs For You

A must read for the job seekers. An app would help you to find a suitable job. The app called Job Search, also promises to keep your search completely private and not shared with your network. The new app comes packed with the core LinkedIn features which you can rely for searching your job. It

Brace Up For Smartphone App To Help You Sleep

Believe it or not! Scientists have developed a smartphone app that would help you to sleep. The app termed as mySleepButton curbs sleep-interfering thoughts and activates a mechanism that could help trigger sleep. It incorporates concepts from cognitive science, a multidisciplinary study of the mind and its processes. The technique has been developed by researcher

6 Apps And Devices For The Safety Of Women

With the increase in the number of heinous crimes on women, it is better for them to carry gadgets that would be helpful when need arises. Here are six tips that can really prove helpful during emergency. 1. bSafe bSafe lets you share your location with friends and family (who will also need to have